Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Tatiana Rogovski

Even a quick glance at the riotously colorful, energetic and often humorous work of Tatiana Rogovsky informs the viewer that a complex and deeply experienced artist is behind the images. Just as Bosch’s work cannot be taken in with a single look, neither can Tatiana’s. The mind and hand that create these images grew up in Communist Romania, which Tatiana describes as rich in painters, actors, writers, and scientists. By age 5, she became fascinated by “everything people can make.” She credits her mother with helping her see the “miraculous side of this world” and her musical father with substituting art lessons and supplies for piano lessons. By 9, she held her first exhibit in her attic, and soon after won a spot at the only fine arts high school in Bucharest. Besides the usual core subjects, Tatiana was immersed in design, painting, sculpture, anatomy, movement, the psychology of art, and museum visits. She then won a seat at the very selective Academy of Fine Arts where she learned about Romania’s folklore art, the murals of the ancient monasteries and the anonymous glass painters, http://albumedearta.ro/myportfolio/romanian-icons-on-glass/. She studied and later worked in fashion, allowing her to travel internationally. This rich background spills out in Tatiana’s images, which can be seen on one level as merely humorous and almost goofy interactions of animals and humans, while a narrative border surrounds their actions. On another level, however, they read like social commentaries, political cartoons, puns, allegories, observations of everyday life, all reflective of her Romanian art heritage.rogovskytatiana@gmail.com