Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Sharon Jones

From the Heart Creations

My love of art goes back to 1974 when I began my 33-year teaching career. I loved working with children and watching their creativity. In planning my lessons, I found that I could incorporate art into the curriculum, and discovered my students were more involved and retained more of what I was trying to teach.

After retirement, I found myself exploring other art avenues. My journey has led me to repurposing children’s chairs, rockers, and an assortment of vintage wood pieces. The JOY is in the hunt. During the summer months, I frequent garage sales searching for that unique $5 chair or rocker. Happiness for me is finding that special piece. The next step is scrubbing it, having my husband do any necessary repairs to sturdy it up, and then finally the painting. Most of my pieces are one of a kind. Rarely do I paint two the same. Much thought and love go into each piece that I paint. Also, I hand varnish everything, usually 3 coats, so that it will last many years.

I guess through the years, I have discovered that it does my heart so much good to find something, repurpose it, paint it with love, so that it has a new life that will bring joy to someone.