Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Tacy Jones

I craft stone jewelry from rough rock.

A rock is not just a rock, each has been uniquely formed over time through changes in the earth. I cut a rock with the same anticipation as when opening a present; inside is the gift of nature's amazing colors and patterns. As I work with rock I am aware of the complexity of each one.

I have been a rockhound, along with my family, for the past 30 years. I have a passion for the outdoors, "treasure" hunting, and nature.

In 2009 I acquired some lapidary equipment and began experimenting with rock collected over the years. The process I use includes cutting a slab, shaping, grinding, drilling, sanding, and polishing each piece. I do not tumble the stones I work with. Currently, I purchase rough rock from dealers who mine and/or sell rocks from around the world.

Tacy L. Jones
Eagle Creek, OR