Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Robin Ceciliani

Hi, my name is Robin Ceciliani and I have been making soap and other herbal products for almost fifteen years, longer if you count mixing up all kinds of herbal concoctions to help family and friends. Making my first batch of soap included many days of gathering hard to find ingredients and a very understanding family.  That first batch of soap was our News Years Eve party for 1994, a huge batch of soap that took about six hours just to stir and get thick. Well I was hooked! That little chemistry project was the beginning of what is now known as Spruce Hill Herbal Soap Co.

My love and fascination in making that beautiful herbal soap started filling up the dinning room, living room and kitchen. New recipes, different herbs, more soap, Oh My! My husband had to knock out wall, like I said “a very understanding family.”

 To date, I still enjoy stirring up that beautiful brew for my family and friends. I can be found at the Gresham Farmers market and the Milwaukie Farmers market most weekends May through October, in all kinds of weather, sharing that little chemistry project and other herbal delights with others.