Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Linden Burk

Linden Burk received a BFA with majors in Sculpture and Printmaking from California College of Arts and Crafts. She has worked with metal, wood, paper, ink, mixed media, found objects, and performance pieces. She discovered ceramics in 1989 and since 1998 this craft has been pursued in earnest.

Working in a variety of techniques including High Fire Gas, Wood Kiln Firing, and Raku allows linden a broad pallet for combining her skills as an illustrator and sculptor. Linden's pieces are engaging, unique, and touched with fantasy.

Many of the creatives works act as vessels for treasures of your own; baby's first tooth, jewelry, food, feathers, flowers, stones, shells, and more. Her pieces are always a pleasure, providing an enriching companion to your days.