Heart of the Country Show & Sale

John Trax

John Trax is a native of Pennsylvania and immigrated to Oregon in 2005.  He and his wife Carrie are both photographers, traveling over much of the Pacific Northwest.  His images have been used for book covers, published in newspapers and used on numerous websites and blogs, including Food Network and the Wall Street Journal.  His fine art work is available in several Oregon shops and galleries as well as online.

I’ve always felt a need to express myself or describe in art what I see.  But I learned early on I had little skill for drawing or painting so despite an early interest in film photography I largely gave up on art until we moved to Oregon.  The incredible beauty of the area inspired me to pick up a camera again and to try in my small way to show what I see.  Digital photography seemed to click with me in a way that film never had and I am delighted that my work is used and displayed in so many places.

I find my images being divided into those that are photographic in nature with the goal being to show as precisely as possible what was actually there and those that are more my impression of what I saw when I took the picture.  Fortunately digital art allows me to do both.  For me, taking the image with the camera is only the first step, and often a small part of what goes into the making the final print.

Being able to show in my art what I see in the world is the most amazing thing.  I am delighted that my work has found interest and is being displayed and seen.  No greater inspiration can be found than when art is appreciated by others.