Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Dale Larson

I have been turning wood for over 40 years. I turn mostly woods from trees here in the northwest. Some are native like Big Leaf Maple and Pacific Madrone and some are planted here like Walnut and Apple. Turning bowls and other things out of wood from trees that grew in this area directly connects me to the land around me. Most of my wood comes from trees that have died or been taken down for some reason. I get many calls from people who are sad they’ve had to take down a tree that died or had to be removed for another reason. They just don’t want to burn their tree and want to know if something can be made from it.

Turning wood brings balance to my life. I get to deal with nice people and pretty wood. And I know the bowls I turn will be around in someone’s home for many years, hopefully being used every day. Coming from the farm, most of my woodturnings need to be functional. I simply appreciate that something I made with my hands is being used and enjoyed by someone.

And I believe that an artist has a duty to teach his/her craft to the next generation. Woodturning has been around for 5-7000 years. I am just a short continuation of a long history of woodturning.