Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Becky Semler

I have long been fascinated with rocks and creating things. Growing up in the midst of artists; I considered my childhood skills in needlework that of a craftsperson always secure with pattern in tow. Working with metals has opened up a whole new world for me & led to the realization that the secret of creative power is its spiritual activity. My work strives to contemplate the wonder & splendor of life.

 I  grew up in rural San Diego, California and spent my high school years in the late 60’s in an atmosphere  of the California  “beach lifestyle” with an inherent love of give peace a chance and the hippie movement. A few years later my husband & I sold our landscaping business & moved to the Portland area , hoping to complete my dream of living in the mountains amongst the pine forests. After a couple of years of city living we bought a cabin & moved to Zig Zag.

 I love the quiet of the mountains and having a studio at home to create. While I still work a regular job part time I am hoping in the near future to make my living exclusively by what I can design.