Heart of the Country Show & Sale

Anna Zell

The colors, textures, and shapes found in nature have always filled me with appreciation and delight.  The discovery of botanical printing was the perfect fit for me.  It combines my background in apparel design and love of textiles, with my interest in gardening and hiking.  I don’t go anywhere without my pruning shears these days!

Botanical printing combines the historical methods used in natural dyeing with contact and medium print techniques.  The results are stunning plant portraits captured on fabric and paper.  My love of nature makes me conscious of keeping the process as gentle on the environment as I can.  I recycle clothing and cloth, plastics and found objects either into the finished items or in the processing.  There are no mordants that are ever disposed of, they are used until they are used up or in the case of iron solution; put on the moss in my PNW lawn.